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Client: Annlin 99


Annlin 99 is a 100 unit complex in the northern suburbs of Pretoria. The chairperson of the complex's body corporate approached me to design a website for them. What started off as a mere brochure style website has over the course of a year's rigorous brainstorming and hours of custom development, turned into one of my flagship websites. This websiite is fully equipped with a host of features and tools to facilitate communication within the complex and ultimately assist the complex trustees in a duty which most do not really have the time to do adequately. This website has not only reduced the management load on the chairperson down to a third of what it used to be, but it has been widely improved life for the owners and tenants in the complex.

This website has been such a huge success that I have turned the concept into a packaged website product and I'm currently selling similar websites to complexes across South Africa under the brand WEBPLEX. If you live in a complex, estate or any full or sectional title communal living establishment, please click here to go and have a look at just what a WEBPLEX website could do for you and your trustees!

"This is probably the best investment we have made as a complex and I would highly recommend it to every other complex. "
Jurie Venter
Chairman, Annlin 99

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