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Client: Me Time Executive


You’ve got the dream home, the performance car, the high end clothes, but something’s still missing. That something is hard to define, but it’s the small luxuries which make your hard work worthwhile. Me Time Executive are rarity brokers, scouring the globe for rare delights and special treasures. From exotic food and drink to exclusive commodities and seasonal specialities, they specialise in hard to find consumables which will light up your life.

This site is a full blown e-commerce site making use of VirtueMart as it's shopping cart component. It also offers various articles targeted at the high flying lifestyle. Although this site was hard work and had many challenges a long the way, the result certainly made it worth it!


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Paul Russell is a freelance graphic designer who has been designing for screen and print for over a decade. His design expertise has included the creation of corporate identity, branding, design of corporate stationery, portfolios, profiles, brochures, multimedia presentations, posters, signs and most importantly, websites.
South Africa
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