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page-webdesignLiving in the information age is one thing, keeping up and maximising the mediums for the flow and propagation of information is another. Never before have we had such opportunity for exposure and global influence! The question you need to ask yourself is - Are you maximising this opportunity?

The World Wide Web is a medium through which every company, big or small should be actively marketing, communicating and sharing information. In fact, it is the little company that possibly benefits the most through this. For once, the internet has levelled the playing field and given everyone an equal shot at competing. With a well-designed site, your little operation can project the image and professionalism of a much larger company.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. The only thing worse than no website, is a badly designed website, lacking the qualities of professionalism that are required to make that good first impression.

So what qualities should you be looking for in a website?

It must look good! Crisp images and clean layouts are vital.
It must be easy to use. The key here is keeping it simple and intuitive.
It must be fast loading! You don't want to lose a visitor before your first page has had the chance to load.
It must display correctly, no matter what internet browser your website visitors are using.
It must be designed in such a way that the search engines can index your website properly.
It needs to be easily manageable by you.
And finally, it must capture the heart and soul of your company. Without this, it lacks the personal touch!

With a carefully followed formula, I can assure that your website will be all this!

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Web Design Pricing

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How do I do it?


I spend time with you, learning as much about your business and needs as possible.
I then brainstorm with you on the pages and features that you would like your website to have.


I design the look and feel that accurately portrays the image you are wanting to project.
I then implement this design into a web framework using cutting edge technologies.
Finally I make sure that the site is well tested and search engine friendly.


I publish your website to a web server, either of your own choice or the one that I recommend.
I then work with you on a marketing plan for your website, keeping in mind your needs and budget constraints.


With advanced reporting technologies, we can assess how successful your website is.
Based on this result, I then adjust and tweak your website to gain optimal exposure and success.


Responsive Web Design Packages

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Website Design Extras

I use the Joomla CMS for most of my websites. This means that I can provide you with huge amounts of functionality at greatly reduced rates.

There are many industry related add ons available, but here are a couple as examples:


Product Catalogues

Advertising Space

Real Estate Listings

Event Calendars

Booking Systems

Blogging Modules

Forum Components

And many more...


If there is advanced functionality that you may need, beyond the scope of the web design packages, please contact me for a custom quote!

Real time web analytics, Heat map tracking
Paul Russell is a freelance graphic designer who has been designing for screen and print for over a decade. His design expertise has included the creation of corporate identity, branding, design of corporate stationery, portfolios, profiles, brochures, multimedia presentations, posters, signs and most importantly, websites.
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