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page landing tourism assessment3As a tourism related business, you probably work very hard to give your customers the best experience possible when they visit you. Many of them have told friends and family about how great their experience was and so your customer base has grown as a result of positive word of mouth referrals.

But what about all those who have never heard of you before? How do they find you? And once they do, how are they convinced to spend their hard earned money on you?

There are various ways of marketing one's business, but today, most people use the web to find what they are looking for, especially when they're not in their own hometown.



Having an online presence is no longer an optional extra, it is a vital necessity!

The fact that you are reading this, however, means that you probably do have some type of online exposure for your business.
The BIG QUESTION is – Is your online impression working?
(Don't worry, I'm not about to sell you a new website - keep reading!)

It is a tragedy to hear of quality local businesses, who have spent thousands of money on a website and online marketing, without receiving any measureable and tangible return on their investment. The great thing is that there are just a couple of basic factors, which if you get right, can make all the difference!

So how do you know if you’re losing business?

This is where I come in – I work with local tourism based companies in identifying the gaps in their online marketing, assist them in plugging these holes and as a result, help them land a lot more business.

How do I do it?

This differs from business to business, so I would like to offer you a personalised assessment of your online footprint. It is completely FREE and you are under no obligation whatsoever to engage in business with me afterwards if you don't want to.

I offer this service for FREE, purely because I want to see quality tourism businesses succeed!

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All I need from you is a couple of details which will enable me to do this assessment properly. Once I have done the assessment, I will give you a summary of my findings, along with some basic, yet key factors that you may want to adjust in order to increase your conversion rate, and ultimately, make more money!

Ready to stop losing business? Fill out the form below!

Assess my online exposure

Did you know?

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59% of consumers use Google every month to find a reputable, local business - this includes your business!

What my clients have to say

My business has already picked up as the new website is so user friendly. You are more than welcome to visit my site to get an idea of what Paul can offer. I can highly recommended his services. I have a stunning site and already had many compliments on it.
Kym Pollard - Owner of Aqua Planet Dive Centre & Charter
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Paul Russell is a freelance graphic designer who has been designing for screen and print for over a decade. His design expertise has included the creation of corporate identity, branding, design of corporate stationery, portfolios, profiles, brochures, multimedia presentations, posters, signs and most importantly, websites.
South Africa
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Online Assessment Terms & Conditions

  1. This assessment service is available only for Tourism based businesses within Southern Africa.
  2. This assessment is offered for free with no hidden costs whatsoever. It is however, just an assessment, and the only deliverable will be an electronically supplied summary report of Paul Russell Designs' findings of the client's online exposure.
  3. Should the client want to change, rectify or append aspects of their online footprint as result of this assessment, they are free to do so with whatever service provider they choose, but should they choose to use Paul Russell Designs for this purpose, each task will be quoted on and handled as a separate business deal.
  4. The information provided in the assessment report should be taken as is - it is based entirely on Paul Russell's years of experience in the industry and Paul Russell will not be held liable for any loss suffered by the client as a result of following the report's recommendations. Although Paul Russell firmlybelieves that his recommendations will work in virtually any industry, they should be considered as recommendations only and it is at the client's discretion and own judgement whether or not the recommendations are worth investing time and money into and does so entirely at his/her own risk.
  5. By requesting this assessment, the client agrees to receive communication from Paul Russell Designs from time to time, with the ability to unsubscribe from future communications at any point, should they wish to do so.